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No Pyro, No Party.

This is how you cheer on your team in Greece:

PAOK vs Olympiakos.


i think im in like like with you




So lately have been lots of edits repost on our tag and i don’t know you guys but I’m really tired of see my stuff and other peoples edits being reposted. Anyway as I know that sometimes put a watermark really sucks and fuck up with the edit soooo I was thinking about make like other fandoms did ( and actually worked) and “create” a tag for the edits like LFCEDITS or summat like that to help people knows if its a repost or the original since some people can’t recognize the autors little trademarks ( heres a post where Bruna aka Gerrardly made about this) and actually keep like a reposters list where if you see more than one time a repost from the user it goes to a masterpost then you can click on the ignore thing on tumblr or just know about don’t reblog from the use. But for that I need some help I can’t do it on my own I REALLY TRIED IT FOR SOMETIME but tumblr can’t do it sometimes, I even try to tell the original maker about the stolen edit and thing, report the user and the post (heres a little and quick tutorial for how to report) even tried ( in vain most of the times) ask gently the reposter to delete the post but most of them doesn’t even answer 

So I would like to know if i can count on you guys to do that!?

Any problems, advice, sugestions and whatever you want, even rant my askbox and fanmail will be open

so can we all settle for the tag lfcedit? and i’d suggest if anyone sees a repost, contact either me (gerrardly) or jessi (mignolets) so we can work on the reposters list!

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If you had the chance to do anything you wanted, what would you do?