miroslavklose replied to your post “guess whos bday is today”

é o seu ? se for vou ai so p tacar ovo

mas so por isso??// vc se passa msm en


youre right if you answered ghandi

guess whos bday is today

primeiramente boa noite site


US singer Beyonce, her husband Jay-Z and former England forward David Beckham attend the UEFA Champions League football match between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Barcelona at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris on September 30, 2014

"Well I think I’ll agree with the constructive criticism as far as I’ve been stifled in a couple of games when players have followed me about and I found it difficult to shake them off. But then people go one step further and say you’re finished and you can’t run anymore and you’re done. That’s the frustrating thing. So it was nice to just remind people that although I am 34, I can still run. I can still play. I can still compete with the best players around." - Steven Gerrard

Official Team Photo 2014/2015 [Full Size]

Preparados para viajar hacia Suiza, aqui una foto con mi gran amiguete @javiermanquillo jajaja - Alberto